by: Victoria Neff


iPads and other mobile devices put learning right at our finger tips today.  There are many programs and games that expand the mind in an easy and fun way. The internet makes looking up information on a any topic available in an instant.  This helps students find text evidence and information to support what they are trying to learn. They can also get a book read to them electronically while following along in the text. I think that technology is an important part of literacy today because of all of the advances there are, but I also believe in traditional literature.


Epic! is the Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under – Instantly access 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more.

This app that is commonly used for reading. It has books based on level and topic and all of the genres possible. It has a lot of tools the children are able to use as they follow along reading. This is a great independent reading tool that students can use to enrich their literacy.

I observe the children on this app often, and what I like most about it is that it gives the children choices. It lets them pick topics that they want to read about and it gives them the appropriate level for them. This way, they get enjoyment out of reading because it is on their own time. This is one form of literacy learning online that I think is beneficial.


Students are motivated by their own success and have their own personalized learning paths

Lexia is a fun and engaging app that is used on iPads. Today, there are iPads in most classrooms, and there are a lot of great learning apps such as this one. It is a literacy practice app and it brings you to pass different levels. It has word puzzles, sentence structure, and so much more in order to enhance the children’s independent learning.

My students are on Lexia every day. It is part of the classroom routine every day, which is good because it gives them that time to achieve their goals and reach the next level. It helps them greatly with grammar, Latin roots of words, parts of speech, and so much more. This is a fantastic technology tool that helps motivate the children to work hard.