by: Victoria Neff


The importance of integrating two subjects together is to show the relevancy and connection between them. All of the subjects learned in life have some type of connection- some bigger than others. Another reason it is important is because it helps the students become more interested in the subject once they figure out all the different ways different subjects can be applied. Students can soon sense the connection, even when they may only truly be interested in the one.

Art and Reading/ Writing

Integrating art into writing and reading comprehension is a beneficial way to provide various forms of learning. Young children may have a better time expressing what they learned from a story or what they are trying to write if they are able to draw a picture of it. Expressing themselves through art makes the children feel like they have options and that they can expand their learning through different forms.

This is done a lot in my classroom. The students read poems and draw how they visualize the poem, which includes things that are written in the text. This also requires them to look back for text evidence.

Social Studies Newspaper

Another way a subject can be associated with literacy is through a social studies newspaper. This is a unique way of reading information. It displays pictures and excerpts on topics or places and facts about them. They can also include primary sources by using quoted stories from people’s real words in history. This gives students yet another way to view information about a different subject through a form that may be new to them or that they do not see too often.

We use these for social studies in my classroom and the students take good care of these newspapers. They become interested in the content of what is being read in it and they consider the newspaper an important text because it is something different from a book. It is also colorful and visually appealing to read and pull information from.