Literacy Portfolio

By Victoria Neff


“Those who love teaching, teach others to love learning.”



My philosophy of teaching is that all students are capable. I believe that students have the potential to succeed in their own way that individually works for them. As a teacher, an important job is to be supportive of each student and guide them to where they need to be.

Literacy is a part of everyday life, whether in school or not. Helping children become aware of literacy and how it works around them is a very crucial part of the position of a teacher. My idea of a balanced literacy program includes both whole group and small group lessons. Within these small group lessons are shared reading, guided reading, and assessment. For the whole group lessons, various types of read alouds such as multicultural books, social justice books, nonfiction, fiction, and realistic fiction are appropriate. Also including other forms such as writing, drawing, independent reading, and word spelling study benefit a literacy program and make it complete. All of the aspects of literacy are included that I believe shape the minds of children in a diverse way because each child is able to find meaning and connection in at least some, if not all of these components.